NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System

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4800 – 6000 Gb
output range

32-40 B
reads per run

2 × 250 bp
max read length

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*Output range and reads per run based on a dual flow cell run of S4 flow cells. Max read length based on a dual flow cell run of SP flow cells.

Scaling from Exome to Whole-Genome Sequencing with the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform

The DRAGEN platform enables GeneDx to scale to whole-genome analysis and identify variants with precision.

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Customizing Genetic Testing in Japan and Southeast Asia

Genesis Healthcare uses the NovaSeq 6000 System to provide genetic testing services to hospitals, medical clinics, and research institutes.

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Decade of Sequencing Graphic

One Decade of Sequencing

Explore the breakthroughs, advancements, and progress

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NovaSeq Reagent Kits
NovaSeq Reagent Kits

Reagent kits for the NovaSeq 6000 System provide ready-to-use cartridge-based reagents for cluster generation and SBS.

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NovaSeq Xp Workflow
NovaSeq Xp Workflow

The NovaSeq Xp workflow enables labs to load libraries directly into each lane of a NovaSeq 6000 System flow cell, without additional instrumentation.

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