Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Enrichment Kit (由IDbyDNA Explify提供分析支持)

这种基于NGS的panel可靶向呼吸道病原体和抗菌素耐药性等位基因,还提供了IDbyDNA支持的简化数据分析。

Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Enrichment Kit Set A (RUO) (96 indexes, 96 samples)


Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Enrichment Kit Set B (RUO) (96 indexes, 96 samples)



The Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Enrichment Kit (RPIP) is a next-generation sequencing based, targeted enrichment panel workflow that delivers highly sensitive, comprehensive pathogen detection and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) insights for 1200+ AMR alleles, 180+ bacteria, 50+ fungi, and 40+ viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Powered by the IDbyDNA Explify Analysis Software, the flexible and scalable end-to-end workflow, coupled with broad identification of respiratory pathogens and antimicrobial resistance markers in <24 hours, delivers a rapid and cost-effective solution for detection of respiratory tract infections in clinical research settings.

Features of this workflow:

  • Universal Detection of Respiratory Pathogens — Simultaneous detection of RNA and DNA for 180+ bacteria, 50+ fungi, and 40+ viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. The RPIP target enrichment workflow delivers comprehensive detection of critical respiratory pathogens.
  • Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes — Detects 1200+ AMR alleles and provides insights for 16 classes of antibiotics.
  • Strain Typing of Critical Pathogens – Delivers whole-genome information for SARS-CoV-2 and Flu A/B viruses to support public health surveillance and epidemiology.
  • Quality Control — Includes probes targeting 10 commercially available spike-in control options.
  • Cost-Effective — Comprehensive panel design enables cost-effective detection of RNA and DNA respiratory pathogens and antimicrobial resistance alleles all at the same time, from the same assay.
  • Rapid – Delivers simultaneous detection of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and AMR alleles in <24 hours using the MiniSeq Rapid Reagent Kit.

Powerful, Simple Data Analysis with the IDbyDNA Explify Platform

The Explify Respiratory ID/AMR Analysis App offers a paired and tailored data analysis solution for the Illumina Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Enrichment Kit. The app provides information on sample composition, including host and microbial abundance, and proportion of targeted vs. untargeted sequences.

This app is available in BaseSpace Sequence Hub. Users can select up to 35 individual samples or project folders containing any number of samples for analysis. Reports include a detailed text-based (JSON) and PDF file format.

Access this app in BaseSpace Sequence Hub

See the Explify Respiratory ID/AMR Analysis User Guide for more info.

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Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Enrichment Kit (由IDbyDNA Explify提供分析支持) Respiratory Virus Oligo Panel
Assay Time 文库制备时间< 9小时 文库制备时间< 9小时
Automation Capability 液体处理机器人 液体处理机器人
Description 同时全面检测呼吸道病原体和抗菌素耐性药标志物的一体化工作流程。支持研究人员鉴定呼吸道感染和合并感染、鉴定抗菌素耐药性以及对重要病原体(SARS-CoV-2和流感病毒)进行菌株分型,以研究病毒进化和传播。 用于检测和分析SARS-CoV-2和其他常见呼吸道病毒的一体化工作流程,联合使用了RNA Prep for Enrichment与Respiratory Virus Oligo Panel(用于文库制备)、成熟的Illumina测序和简化的数据分析(在BaseSpace Sequencing Hub使用Pathogen Detection App或IDbyDNA Explify RVOP App)。
Hands-on time 文库制备时间< 2小时 文库制备时间< 2小时
Multiplexing 使用唯一双标签序列,单次运行最多可分析384个样本 使用唯一双标签序列,单次运行最多可分析384个样本
Species Category Virus, 真菌, 细菌 Virus, 人类
System Compatibility MiniSeq , MiSeq , NextSeq 550 MiniSeq , MiSeq , NextSeq 550

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