Illumina Connected Analytics

A modular, secure data platform for scalable multiomics data management and analysis, to discover insights that unlock the power of the genome. Read More...
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Product Highlights

Illumina Connected Analytics is a comprehensive cloud-based data management and analysis software platform empowering researchers to manage, analyze, and interpret large volumes of multiomics data in a secure, scalable, and flexible environment.

Illumina Connected Analytics offers:

Streamlined genomics workflow

Direct integration of Illumina instruments with dynamic secondary analysis options, including DRAGEN pipelines and custom tools

Scalable data analysis

Flexible functionality supports highly automated workflows and custom solutions for optimized high-throughput studies

Powerful data aggregation and data science tools

Cloud-based omics software for exploring large genomic data sets and discovering meaningful insights

Secure data management

Committed to HIPAA compliance and principles of GDPR, guaranteed data residency, and single sign-on, audit logs, and access control capabilities

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To unlock the next wave of omics discovery, we must analyze, manage, aggregate, mine, and explore data more efficiently. Now, we can.

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Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
ISO 27001 CERTIFIED by schellman
GDPR Ready
Translational Research

Analyze multiomics data with rapid turnaround and high accuracy to ensure reproducibility and high-quality results.

Drug Discovery and Development

Enable comprehensive profiling to identify novel drug targets and drug response biomarkers.

High-Throughput Sequencing

Rapidly analyze large volumes of sequencing data and extract meaningful insights.

Genomics Services

Reduce the time required to analyze genomic data, when swift results can be a critical factor.

Product Features

  • Illumina Instrument Integration
    with BaseSpace Sequence Hub
  • Data Lifecycle Management
    Store, archive, manage, and collaborate on multi-omic datasets
  • User-Centric
    Multiple ways to interact with the platform, including a user interface, application programming interface (API), and command-line interface (CLI)
  • Execute Analysis
    Process data automatically after a sequencing run with pre-packaged tools and DRAGEN pipelines
  • Development Toolkit
    Create and run custom tools and workflows or leverage out-of-the-box options
  • Data Warehouse
    Perform powerful queries on aggregated datasets at a massive scale
  • On-demand resourcing
    Leverage the cloud to scale your compute and storage seamlessly
  • Enterprise Security & Compliance
    HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, Single sign-on, Service-Level Agreement
  • Advanced Data Science
    JupyterLab Notebooks enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning applications

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