From sequencer straight to BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Your data are continuously and securely streamed for storage, analysis, and sharing

BaseSpace Sequence Hub Sequencer Integration

One of the unique advantages of BaseSpace Sequence Hub is its seamless integration with almost every instrument in the Illumina sequencing product line*. From compact benchtop sequencers to ultra-high-throughput systems, BaseSpace Sequence Hub is literally an extension of the instrument software.

Your data are continuously and securely streamed from the sequencer straight to BaseSpace Sequence Hub for storage, analysis, and sharing. Even before you start sequencing, BaseSpace Sequence Hub allows management of samples and set up of runs.

When a run begins, BaseSpace Sequence Hub enables real-time run monitoring anytime, from anywhere you can access the internet. And because you can do everything in BaseSpace Sequence Hub from a web browser, there are no installs, upgrades, or cross-platform operating system issues to contend with. It just works!

* HiSeqX does not connect to BaseSpace Onsite Sequence Hub

baseSpace iOS

Monitor your BaseSpace Sequence Hub Runs and Analyses more easily than ever before!

The BaseSpace Sequence Hub iOS mobile app provides users with the ability to:

  • Receive push notifications as Runs and Analyses complete
  • Monitor the status of Runs including metrics and SAV charts
  • Monitor the detailed status of Analyses
  • View notifications for any completed Run or Analysis

Download the BaseSpace Sequence Hub mobile app here.

The app provides a friendly mobile experience when using BaseSpace Sequence Hub from a mobile device.

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BaseSpace Sequence Hub Data Security
Data is safe in the Illumina cloud analysis and storage platform.
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