Share NGS data as easily as you send an email

BaseSpace Sequence Hub Data Sharing

With BaseSpace Sequence Hub, sharing data with people you trust is as simple as clicking a button. BaseSpace Sequence Hub is accessible everywhere, so sharing is instantaneous. No data are ever physically moved, because all invited collaborators are looking at the same data, not a copy of the data.

Sharing any large set of data with collaborators has traditionally been an exercise in frustration. FTP servers with arcane protocols. Hard drives with physical transport limits. Incompatible device interfaces.

With these issues, sharing gigabytes or even terabytes of data with collaborators has often demanded the involvement of IT experts.

Now, individual sequencing runs or entire projects can be shared – the choice is yours. You maintain control of the data you share, and you can share with as many individuals as you’d like. You can even transfer ownership of your data to others, if you wish. BaseSpace Sequence Hub gives you complete control over your data.

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