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Selective Advances in Cattle Breeding | Adventures in Genomics

54458 views | 4 years ago

The world population is continuously growing. As the second largest producer and largest exporter of beef in the world, Brazil has an important role in feeding such a population. Jacques and Irene from...

Diversity In Our Diets | Adventures in Genomics

50631 views | 4 years ago

Complex diseases have increased dramatically over the last few decades. Many of these are associated with abnormalities in composition of the microbiome, but the cause/effect relationship still remains...

The Singular Neuron: Understanding Complex Biology, One Cell at a Time | Adventures in Genomics

45389 views | 4 years ago

Individual cells can have thousands of connections with other cells. Understanding complex traits and diseases requires the understanding of such connections. Jacques and Irene interview James Eberwine,...

The Elephant in the Room: The Curious Case of the Elephant Superpower | Adventures in Genomics

43733 views | 2 years ago

The clear majority of the Human Genome is non-coding. Although those billions of bases do not specifically encode genes, there are many hidden sequences whose job is to dial up and dial down the activity...

Dog Genetics in Health and Disease - Adventures in Genomics

37219 views | 5 years ago

Dogs are our loyal companions who share our environment, food, and even some diseases. Yet, purebred dogs represent only a quarter of the approximately 1 billion dogs worldwide. Where do they come from,...

Envisioning how genomics will improve human health | Illumina Video

36639 views | 6 years ago

In 2014, We asked our employees and thought leaders to share their vision of how genomics will transform our world. The stories are speculative and reflect our hopes for the future. Learn more about...

The Power of Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy - Adventures in Genomics

36475 views | 5 years ago

In forensics, sometimes samples are so degraded that traditional DNA extractions and methods may not work. Jacques and Irene with Mitch Holland explain how high-throughput sequencing is helping us realize...

Take a tour with Professor Michael Bunce to learn about eDNA through Sequencing the Seas

35030 views | 1 year ago

Professor Bunce explores our deep seas and gives insight into eDNA analysis through metabarcoding.