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Illumina in the News

Date Publication Title
Apr 14, 2020 The Naked Scientists The Coronavirus Mutation Situation
Mar 26, 2020 National Geographic How coronavirus mutations can track its spread—and disprove conspiracies
Feb 7, 2020 The Smithsonian How Simple Blood Tests Could Revolutionize Cancer Treatment
Feb 7, 2020 CNBC Illumina CMO on working with China on coronavirus cure
Jan 13, 2020 CNBC ILMN CEO at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
Jan 3, 2020 The Wall Street Journal Illumina, Pacific Biosciences of California End Plans to Combine
Dec 3, 2019 Yahoo! Finance ArcherDX Announces Partnership with Illumina to Develop In-Vitro Diagnostic Tests
Nov 11, 2019 ClinicalOMICS Lexent, Illumina Enter Partnership for Cancer Monitoring Liquid Biopsy Kits
Oct 16, 2019 NPR A Boy's Mysterious Illness Leads His Family On A Diagnostic Odyssey
Oct 9, 2019 Yahoo! Finance Illumina Inks Deal to Commercialize NGS-Based IVD Kits
Sep 30, 2019 ClinicalOMICs Illumina and the Broad Co-Developing Open-Source Secondary Analysis Software
Aug 30, 2019 WIRED One Scientist’s Quest to Bring DNA Sequencing to Every Sick Kid
Aug 29, 2019 CBS Decoding DNA: Rady Children’s doctors use genomic medicine to save young lives
Aug 29, 2019 Chasing the Cure Debra and Delaney Found Their Diagnosis
Aug 27, 2019 San Diego Magazine Susan Tousi: First San Diego woman to lead product development at a $47 billion company
Aug 19, 2019 Fortune 2019 List of Companies Changing the World
Jun 17, 2019 ComputerWorld Illumina shines through IT empowerment
May 8, 2019 CNBC Human lifespan could soon pass 100 years thanks to medical tech
May 1, 2019 CBS Genomic Sequencing Giving Precise Diagnosis
Feb 28, 2019 San Diego Union Tribune How diversity in science can benefit communities
Feb 27, 2019 Bloomberg A $100 Genome Within Reach, Illumina CEO Asks If World Is Ready
Feb 27, 2019 Slate Why Are We So Afraid of Each New Advance in Reproductive Technology?
Feb 19, 2019 San Diego Union Tribune San Diego biotech company teams up with doctors to offer genome sequencing to Tijuana children
Jan 8, 2019 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Illumina CEO Talks $100 Genome, Tariffs, and NovaSeq at J.P. Morgan
Dec 5, 2018 BBC Faster diagnosis from 'transformational' gene project
Nov 20, 2018 Fortune Business Person of the Year
Nov 8, 2018 CBS Genome sequenced for bottlenose dolphin thanks to collaboration between SeaWorld San Diego, Illumina
Nov 1, 2018 Reuters Illumina to buy rival Pacific Biosciences in $1.2 billion deal
Nov 1, 2018 CNBC DNA sequencing giant Illumina just bought rival Pac Bio for $1.2 billion — here's why
Nov 1, 2018 Forbes DNA Sequencing Giant Illumina Will Buy Pacific Biosciences For $1.2 Billion – Exclusive CEO Interview
Aug 6, 2018 CNBC Illumina CEO on the growth of DNA sequencing
Jul 20, 2018 San Diego Union Tribune Illumina continues to soar as its gene sequencers dominate the market
Jun 10, 2018 The Washington Post Rapid genome sequencing could revolutionize health care for acutely ill babies
May 22, 2018 The Atlantic Can Genetic Counselors Keep Up With 23andMe?
May 17, 2018 Australian Story The Massimo Mission
May 15, 2018 San Diego Union-Tribune Illumina buys start-up Edico Genome for $100M to help speed up genetic analysis
Apr 26, 2018 TechCrunch The genomics-focused Illumina Accelerator backs five new companies
Apr 13, 2018 Forbes Bristol Partners With Illumina On Diagnostic Test To Use With Opdivo
Apr 10, 2018 Reuters Loxo, Illumina to partner for diagnostic tool targeting cancer
Mar 2, 2018 San Diego Union Tribune Busting myths about science
Feb 12, 2018 San Diego Union Tribune Rady Children's Institute sets Guinness world record
Feb 5, 2018 Smithsonian Now You Can Genetically Test Your Child For Disease Risks. Should You?
Feb 3, 2018 The Guardian The DNA database that is key to beating our rarest diseases
Jan 9, 2018 CNBC Illumina CEO: Seeing big growth in genomic testing
Jan 8, 2018 Forbes Illumina Unveils $20,000 Desktop Sequencer Aimed At Sequencing Germs
Jan 8, 2018 Bio-IT World Illumina Announces iSeq 100, Thermo Fisher Partnership
Nov 21, 2017 Forbes Fighting Cancer One Patient At A Time
Oct 12, 2017 Time Nobel Laureate: The Future of DNA Sequencing Will Be in the Palm of Your Hand
Sep 20, 2017 CBS 8 San Diego DNA science leader Illumina debuts workplace of the future
Aug 12, 2017 The San Diego Union-Tribune Genome leader Illumina expands again in San Diego
Aug 8, 2017 Forbes The World’s Most Innovative Companies
Aug 7, 2017 MIT Technology Review 50 Smartest Companies - Biomedicine: The 5 Smartest Companies Analyzing Your DNA
Jun 27, 2017 MIT Technology Review 50 Smartest Companies 2017
Jun 1, 2017 San Diego Magazine The Man Behind San Diego's $26 Billion Dollar Company
May 22, 2017 CNBC Illumina CEO: When you invest in health research you actually create jobs
May 22, 2017 CNBC Illumina CEO: When you invest in health research you actually create jobs
May 9, 2017 Forbes America's Best Midsize Employers
Feb 13, 2017 Fast Company The Most Innovative Companies of 2017 by Sector: Biotech
Jan 10, 2017 CNBC Illumina CEO: On the Path to $100 Genome
Jan 10, 2017 Reuters New Illumina Tech Could Usher in $100 Gene-Sequencing Era
Jan 9, 2017 Fast Company Illumina Hopes its New Machine will Sequence a Human Genome for $100
Jan 9, 2017 STAT Illumina Says it Can Deliver a $100 Genome — Soon
Jan 9, 2017 San Diego Business Journal Illumina, IBM to Deploy Watson to Take on Cancer Treatments
Jan 9, 2017 Forbes Illumina Promises To Sequence Human Genome For $100 -- But Not Quite Yet
Jan 9, 2017 Forbes Illumina Adds IBM Watson To DNA Test For Cancer Patients
Dec 1, 2016 Times of San Diego Illumina Joins Coalition Aimed at Identifying Undiagnosed Rare Diseases in Kids
Nov 21, 2016 Fast Company Genetics Startup Helix Wants to Create a World of Personalized Products From Your DNA
Nov 10, 2016 Bio-IT World Illumina, Mayo Work to Ensure Interoperability in BaseSpace Suite
Nov 8, 2016 MedCity News Illumina Embarks on its Own Next-Gen Journey
Sep 19, 2016 Fast Company Illumina, Secret Giant Of DNA Sequencing, Is Bringing Its Tech To The Masses
Sep 18, 2016 San Diego Union Tribune Genomics Event Moves to San Diego
Sep 7, 2016 CNBC Genetic Testing is Becoming More Affordable
Aug 15, 2016 Wired Illumina Would Like You to Sequence More DNA, Please
Jul 28, 2016 Business Insider One of Apple's Most Important Execs Just Joined the Board of a $25 Billion Genetics Company
Jul 26, 2016 Herald Sun The Test that Could Change Your Life: Genome Testing Available in Australia From the Garvan Institute
Jul 20, 2016 Fast Company The Quest to Identify Vietnam's Unknown Soldiers Pushes the Limits of DNA Technology
Jul 20, 2016 Forensics Magazine The Future of Forensic Genomics: Developmental Validation of NGS
Jul 6, 2016 STAT Carl Zimmer's Game of Genomes
Jul 5, 2016 Times of San Diego Francis deSouza Becomes CEO of San Diego-Based Illumina
Jun 24, 2016 San Diego Magazine What's It Like to Be the CEO of the Smartest Company in the World?
Jun 20, 2016 San Diego Union-Tribune Illumina's Flatley Speaks of Genomic Future
Jun 17, 2016 Business Insider Jay Flatley Created a Market for DNA Sequencing from Scratch
Jun 8, 2016 Bloomberg Germ Sleuths Go High-Tech as Labs Get Illumina Sequencers
May 25, 2016 Australian Life Scientist Next-Generation Sequencer Registered in Australia
May 12, 2016 Vermont Public Radio For One Vermont Man, Sequencing His Whole Genome Solved A Life Of Pain
May 11, 2016 Medical Devices Business Review Illumina Registers MiSeqDx System in South Korea
Apr 27, 2016 Fast Company Meet The New CEO Of The $22 Billion Genomics Company You've Never Heard Of
Apr 21, 2016 Bio-IT World Illumina Opens BaseSpace Suite as End-to-End Solution for Genetic Testing Labs
Apr 15, 2016 FierceBiotech Illumina Commits $100M to New Genomics-Focused VC Shop
Apr 13, 2016 Forbes The Forbes Global Game Changers List: Bezos, Zuckerberg And More Business Leaders Transforming The World
Apr 12, 2016 Xconomy Takeaways and Photos from Big Data Meets Big Biology in San Diego
Apr 6, 2016 Bloomberg Bezos, Gates Chase Dream of a Blood Test that Detects Cancer
Mar 7, 2016 Forbes Illumina CEO Jay Flatley Built The DNA Sequencing Market. Now He's Stepping Down
Mar 1, 2016 Times Of San Diego Inspiring Young STEM Leaders Is Key to San Diego’s Future
Feb 26, 2016 Wired Illumina, the Google of Genetic Testing, Has Plans for World Domination
Feb 26, 2016 San Diego Union-Tribune Women Should also be Driving STEM Economy
Feb 12, 2016 Business Weekly Illumina Backs UK-US Genomics Research Play
Feb 10, 2016 Forbes Cancer Took His Wife. Now He's CEO Of One Of The Most Audacious Cancer Startups In Years
Feb 5, 2016 FierceBiotechIT Illumina Signs Biobank Deals to Fuse Genome Data, EMRs
Jan 26, 2016 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Illumina Acquires Conexio Genomics
Jan 12, 2016 FierceMedicalDevices JPM: Illumina's Genomic Ambitions Fueled By Sequencing Tools and Technologies
Jan 10, 2016 MIT Technology Review Illumina’s Bid to Beat Cancer with DNA Tests
Jan 10, 2016 Forbes A Single Blood Test For All Cancers? Illumina, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Launch Startup To Make It Happen
Jan 8, 2016 Wheat Genome Sequencing Approach Aims to Revolutionise Crop Research
Dec 30, 2015 2015 in Review: Genomics Leads the Way
Dec 15, 2015 FierceMedicalDevices Illumina, bioMérieux Launch First Genomic Sequencing Service for Bacterial Infections
Dec 11, 2015 FierceBiotechIT Illumina Invests in CRISPR Gene Editing Software
Dec 11, 2015 HIT Consultant Illumina Accelerator Unveils Third Cycle of Genomics Startups
Dec 10, 2015 CNBC Major Players in DNA Mapping
Dec 10, 2015 CNBC Unlocking My Genome
Dec 1, 2015 The Scientist Top 10 Innovations 2015
Nov 24, 2015 KPBS San Diego Blood Donors Get Free Genome Sequencing
Nov 18, 2015 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Illumina, iHART Launch Genomic Database for Autism
Nov 12, 2015 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Almac Partners with Illumina on Companion Diagnostics
Jun 9, 2015 FierceBiotech Illumina Helps Add a $37M Twist on DNA Synthesis
Jun 8, 2015 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Merck KGaA, Illumina, and Genea Form Fertility Alliance
Apr 10, 2015 San Diego Union Tribune San Diego Debuts on Nat Geo Channel
Mar 13, 2015 San Diego Union Tribune STEM Skills are Critical to San Diego's Burgeoning Genomics Industry
Jan 30, 2015 San Diego Union Tribune Obama Unveils Precision Med Plan
Jan 13, 2015 The Washington Post Lockheed Martin's Latest Health Partnership is Very Personal
Nov 12, 2014 San Diego Union Tribune Through Genomics, Parents Find Answers
Feb 12, 2013 BioWorld Patients Take the Lead in Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing
Oct 5, 2012 Drug Discovery & Development Managing Data in the Cloud Age
Oct 3, 2012 The New York Times Infant DNA Tests Speed Diagnosis for Rare Diseases
Aug 22, 2012 The New York Times Father’s Age is Linked to Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia