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Biotech Internships at Illumina

Explore Biotech Internships at Illumina

Experience the breathtaking pace of genomic innovation through Illumina internship opportunities. During our summer program, you’ll learn, grow, and become a fully integrated member of the Illumina team.

By working alongside Illumina engineers, scientists, and corporate employees, you’ll soon find out there is nothing typical about our biotech internships.

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Testimonials From Interns

Tiana's Photo
Corporate Citizenship Intern

“My favorite aspect of the iAspire program is the amount of cross-department collaboration. Illumina really does attract the best and the brightest and it was a privilege to work alongside individuals who are always challenging the status quo. As an intern, I was able to work hands-on alongside senior employees and VPs on projects central to the company’s business goals. I don’t think I would have been able to get the same experience at many other companies.”

Chris's Photo
Logistics Analyst Intern

“The iAspire program is unlike any internship I’ve had! The projects have real meaning, and Illumina does a great job of placing real responsibility on their interns - proof that the development of young talent is a huge priority. I see first-hand the impact that I’ve made on Illumina and the impact Illumina has had on me.”

Amanda's Photo
Project Management Intern

“A lot of companies have fancy tag lines, mission statements and values posted on their websites, but usually not everything is true. At Illumina, they say what they believe and work towards that every single day. The company is big on collaboration and innovation and I’ve witnessed that during my time here. 'We move fast and embrace change', and wow!, that's true. People here are passionate, driven, fast-paced, impactful, and are here because they truly believe in the mission of Illumina. I'm lucky to have worked with some really bright minds. Going back to school, I’m a new person altogether. I’m taking back a lot of new ideas and positive experiences from my project team, the iAspire events, and the company as a whole. ”