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Test Terms

Oncology contract terms

On March 30, 2021, Illumina made available a standard contract to any U.S. oncology customer.

At a high level, the terms of the standard contract include the following:

  • A 12-year supply contract for Illumina’s sequencing products sold in the United States, specifically, Illumina’s NextSeq and NovaSeq instruments and sequencing consumables.
  • Guaranteed access to the latest sequencing products, and related product and support services.
  • No price increases for the sequencing products covered by the agreement.
  • Guaranteed lower pricing for the sequencing products by 2025: the cost per gigabase of sequencing on Illumina’s highest throughput instrument, using the highest throughput flow cell, will be at least 43% lower than the comparable cost per gigabase today, under Illumina’s standard terms.
  • Illumina will not discontinue any of the sequencing products supplied under the agreement as long as an oncology customer continues to purchase that product.
  • Provision of any documentation or information reasonably required to seek FDA approval or FDA marketing authorization to sell a clinical test using the sequencing products supplied under the agreement.
  • Any oncology customer can also enter into a separate agreement to develop a distributable in vitro diagnostic kitted test using Illumina’s FDA-approved instruments.

Additional terms and conditions apply. The standard contract may be viewed here.