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此试剂盒提供一项简单、高性价比的解决方案,可针对任何物种直接从总RNA生成miRNA和小RNA测序文库。

TruSeq Small RNA Library Prep Kit -Set A (24 rxns) (Set A: indexes 1-12)


TruSeq Small RNA Library Prep Kit -Set B (24 rxns) (Set B: indexes 13-24)


TruSeq Small RNA Library Prep Kit -Set C (24 rxns) (Set C: indexes 25-36)


TruSeq Small RNA Library Prep Kit -Set D (24 rxns) (Set D: indices 37-48)


TruSeq Small RNA Set A MiniSeq Kit (1 library prep and 2 MiniSeq reagents)


TruSeq Small RNA Set B MiniSeq Kit (1 library prep and 2 MiniSeq reagents)


TruSeq Small RNA Set C MiniSeq Kit (1 library prep and 2 MiniSeq reagents)


TruSeq Small RNA Set D MiniSeq Kit (1 library prep and 2 MiniSeq reagents)



TruSeq Small RNA Library Preparation Kits provide reagents to generate small RNA libraries directly from total RNA. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) generated by Dicer processing are efficiently targeted by the included modified adapters.

These kits enable multiplexed sequencing with the introduction of 48 unique indexes, allowing miRNA and small RNA discovery and profiling throughput to match the unparalleled output of Illumina sequencing. Indexes are added in a universal amplification reaction, greatly reducing ligation bias and ensuring accurate measurement of miRNA expression.

Workflow improvements enable streamlined sample preparation, allowing economical studies covering all small RNA transcripts in any species. Compatible applications include finding novel miRNAs, characterizing variation such as isomers with single-base resolution, and analyzing differential expression without prior assumptions.

TruSeq Small RNA Sample Datasets

The Human Brain Reference RNA (HBRR) and Universal Human Reference RNA (UHRR) samples were prepared using the TruSeq Small RNA Library Prep Kit. These libraries were sequenced on the MiniSeq System using the MiniSeq High Output Reagent Kit at a 1 x 36 bp read length configuration. The total yield was 0.91 Gb with 97% of bases at or above Q30.

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