Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment Kit

Rapidly interrogate those portions of the human genome most important to your specific research.Read More...

Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment Kit (48 samples)


Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment Kit (96 samples)


Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment Kit (288 samples)


Product Highlights

  • Integrated library preparation and enrichment workflow – Nextera tagmentation and optimized hybridization reduce workflow duration, generating data faster
  • Target regions of interest – Choose 0.5–15 Mb of custom content in a single enrichment assay
  • Evolve design with add-on content – Supplement existing panels and keep adding on as your research needs expand

Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment provides focused access to genomic regions of interest. Leverage this all-in-one library preparation and enrichment workflow, and design your preferred assay with a user-friendly online tool.

This custom assay allows researchers to sequence precious samples quickly and efficiently, using as little as 50 ng of input DNA. The kit offers add-on functionality to refine content over time, or add regions of unique interest to established panels such as TruSight content sets.

Rapidly Interrogate Key Areas of Interest

With Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment, you can rapidly interrogate those portions of the human genome most important to your project. Densely pack hybridization probes into a region as small as 0.5 Mb, or space them more liberally to enrich up to 15 Mb of fully custom content. This assay offers maximum flexibility to address specific needs.

Increase Genomic Regions Enriched by the Assay

Add-on functionality allows you to periodically increase those regions of the genome enriched by the custom assay. You can start from our pre-defined panels and add in regions of particular interest, or start from an existing custom design and capitalize on new discoveries. For example, a project can start with existing exome content and add in important non-coding content.

Investigate Automation Options

Find automation vendors who offer robotic systems compatible with this kit

Explore Design Options Before Ordering

DesignStudio Software is an intuitive and fully supported online tool for designing custom assays. This free tool is available to anyone with a MyIllumina account. Add targets or regions of interest, optimize probe density, explore other design options, and estimate your project cost, all before committing to a final order.

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研究人员可利用全新的QC方法和Nextera Rapid Capture Exome Kit成功对FFPE肿瘤样本的降解DNA进行测序。


Supporting Data and Figures

High Coverage Uniformity Across Custom 12-Plex Pools
High Coverage Uniformity Across Custom 12-Plex Pools

Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment provides uniform target enrichment across different custom probe sets and individual samples within a 12-plex pool. A. Coverage uniformity is shown as % of targeted bases represented by >0.2x mean coverage. Error bars show standard deviation of uniformity across the 12 pooled samples for each project. B. Coverage uniformity for each of 12 pooled samples within Project 3 is shown. Mean coverage for this run was 300x, and % of targeted bases that were covered at >60x are shown.

Nextera Flex Technology

Nextera Flex products provide time-saving solutions for a wide range of sequencing applications. The unique bead-linked transposome chemistry integrates DNA extraction, fragmentation, library preparation, and library normalization steps to deliver the fastest, most flexible workflow in the Illumina library prep portfolio.

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