Infinium Omni2.5-8 Kit

This 8-sample BeadChip array features ~2.4 million markers, and delivers exceptional genomic coverage rates across diverse populations.Read More...
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Infinium Omni2.5-8 v1.5 Kit (16 Samples)


Infinium Omni2.5-8 v1.5 Kit (48 Samples)


Infinium Omni2.5-8 v1.5 Kit (96 Samples)


Infinium Omni2.5-8 v1.5 Kit (384 Samples)



The Infinium Omni2.5-8 BeadChip offers an optimal and comprehensive set of both common and rare single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) content from the 1000 Genomes Project (MAF>2.5%) for diverse world populations. Using the proven iScan System, this 8-sample BeadChip offers not only high throughput, but optimized tag SNP content from 1000 Genomes Project pilot data.

With high data quality and cutting edge content, including full support of copy number variation (CNV) applications, this powerful genotyping tool allows you to make meaningful discoveries.

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Description 8-sample arrays with high throughput and optimized tag SNP content, including full support of copy number variation applications, designed to be highly customizable and maximally informative for studying diverse world populations. With content from a variety of resources, this multiethnic array allows researchers to detect both common and rare variants across the most commonly studied 5 superpopulations in order to impute variants in a vast number of subpopulations. A high-density array that provides exceptional coverage of common, intermediate, and rare SNPs while leveraging powerful tag SNPs and offering optimized content for whole-genome genotyping and copy number variation studies.
Number of Markers Fixed markers: ~2,381,000, Custom marker add-on capacity: None Fixed markers: 1,779,819
Custom marker add-on capacity: Up to 245,000
Fixed markers: 4,284,426, Custom marker add-on capacity: None
Number of Samples 8 samples per array 8 samples per array 4 samples per array
Sample Throughput ~1728 samples/week per iScan (max throughput and scan time may vary based on lab and system configurations) ~1728 samples/week max per iScan (throughput and scan times may vary based on laboratory and system configurations.) >460 samples per week (estimate for 2 iScan Systems, 1 AutoLoader 2.x, 3 Infinium Automated Pipetting Systems, and a 5-day work week)

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The HumanOmni2.5-8 Beadchip Kit has been renamed to Infinium Omni2.5-8 Kit. Kits with either name on the label contain the same quality reagents and follow the same workflow.


Infinium Multi-Ethnic Global-8 Kit


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