BovineHD DNA Analysis Kit

这款全面的牛全基因分型芯片试剂盒包含超过777,000个SNP,适用于任何肉牛或奶牛品种。

BovineHD BeadChip (48 samples)


BovineHD BeadChip (96 samples)


BovineHD BeadChip (384 samples)



The BovineHD BeadChip is a comprehensive genome-wide bovine genotyping array, providing the power to interrogate genetic variation across any breed of beef and dairy cattle. Illumina developed this product in collaboration with major bovine agricultural thought leaders, including USDA-ARS, UNCEIA-INRA, Pfizer Animal Genetics, and the University of Missouri.

Featuring more than 777,000 SNPs that uniformly span the entire bovine genome, this BeadChip enables a broad range of applications such as genome-wide selection, identification of quantitative trait loci, evaluation of genetic merit, cross-breed mapping, linkage disequilibrium studies, comparative genetic studies, and breed characterization for evaluating biodiversity.

The eight-sample BovineHD BeadChip, along with the proven Infinium HD Assay, presents a powerful high-throughput solution for whole-genome studies in cattle.

Supporting comprehensive genome-wide genotyping studies, the 777,000 SNP BovineHD BeadChip expands the diversity of bovine breeds assessed in genetic prediction and enables more discoveries of quantitative traits.

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