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Viafet Genomics Center: On the Forefront of Genetic Screening

494 views | 4 years ago

Across the Middle East, couples struggle with infertility every year. Ali Hellani, PhD, Founder and Lab Director of Viafet Genomics Center in Dubai, UAE, discusses his passion to help couples undergoing...

Reducing Complication Risks with Single Embryo Transfer: Dr. Robert Anderson | Illumina Video

244 views | 6 years ago

Discover how preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is advancing reproductive genetic health. Hear from Dr. Robert Anderson, Director of the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine and...

Sequencing the Single Cell – Adventures in Genomics

views | 5 years ago

A single cell is the smallest building block in biology. Each and every cell contains an entire genome with all the information to create an entire organism – be it a bacterium or a buffalo cell. Recent...